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TIME recently ran this article entitled, “Transgender Americans Feel Vulnerable Under President Trump”. It aims to give voice to the plight of the 0.6% of the US population who suffer indescribable pain at the fact that the Trump administration rolled back Obama’s famous “bathroom” executive order. The article outlines the fears which the transgender community is feeling as a […]

Apologia Studios joins us in our studios which makes for some fast paced, high octane discussions.  We also bring Seth Bloomsburg in the studio to catch us up on Trump’s 100 days plan regarding his promises on immigration and gun regulations. Lastly, Pastor Luke Walker also joins us to discuss his biography on Olaudah Equiano.  Equiano was […]

How should immigration look in our current context, and was Trump’s immigration executive order wrong-headed?  We also discuss what walls are good for, and what the Old Testament has to say about building walls.  Lastly we interview the director of Is Genesis History? Thomas Purifoy Jr.  Throughout most of history, Genesis was considered an accurate and […]

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