Let’s discuss 6 tips when starting to invest in the stock market and some apps to check out for beginners and those wanting to make free trades. Link for Robinhood – sign up and get a free stock.

Let’s talk about this article and how Marxism is creeping into the Christian work conversation.  

My Poem The Scars of God’s Hands G.K. Chesteron’s Poem The Hunting of the Dragon If you are looking for more from the Westminster Confession of Funk, check out my blog hosted by Cross Politic. Check out my books at amazon.com/author/jason_farley. And visit Jovial Press for more.

Let’s discuss what goes into creating profit and the characteristics of those elements to help you grow profits quickly. This is applicable if you’re managing a company, the P&L of a division, or the household finances.

It’s a bad day for the US budget and it’s a bad day for my hair. We have runaway spending like my runaway strand of hair in this episode.

Let’s discuss how to win the battle against social media and the battles that have come before.

YouTube Video Let’s go through a case study based on an article written by Warren Shoulberg Senior Editor of Forbes. Article: Pier 1 is sinking  These are the facts of the case: “Unfortunately, the disaster befalling the home furnishings retailer… [is] result of man-made decisions and circumstances that are increasingly making its long-term (maybe even […]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV6qSDkQ-l8 Let’s discuss with my wife Kelli what it’s like to be an entrepreneur’s spouse, the emotions, the support, and her role she had to support the family and the business.

Let’s talk about the new USMCA/NAFTA deal Trump made with Canada and Mexico.

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