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Poet, literary critic, and novelist, Arthur Quiller-Couch, was best known for his incomparable anthology, The Oxford Book of English Verse. As a lecturer at Oxford beginning in 1886 and a professor at Cambridge from 1912-1944, he taught an entire generation of English writers how to write. Exceedingly prolific himself, he wrote in almost every conceivable […]

Folks, new episode just dropped tonight. We had the pleasure of hosting a joint podcast with Rebel Alliance Media. Rebel’s podcast is hosted by Pastor Nate Wright of Crossroads Alliance Church and Chris Poody out of southern Ontario. If you are in the area, check their church out. Also, please note we will be streaming live on […]

Like modern art, or an avant garde poem, or the latest haute fashions, secularism has always been hard to define.  Though often pronounced with algebraic lucidity, its topsy-turvy logic is often as unintelligible as the dog-Latin of monkish hexameters.  In practice, it is an odd attempt to forge a cultural consensus on the fact that […]

Live on Facebook Sunday nights at 7pm Pacific time. Tune in now here! Don’t worry if you miss us live, you’ll still be able to download the show on your favorite podcast platform. A couple housekeeping items: First, a shameless plug. There comes a time in every marketing cycle, when Gabe Rench needs to plug his consulting practice. He […]

Folks, as you know, The Gospel Coalition held the MLK50 Conference on April 3rd and 4th, which caused some consternation nationwide. You might find our recent interview with Thabiti Anyabwile helpful, and also our discussion with Pastor Voddie Baucham and Pastor Doug Wilson. Below are links for both of those shows: Thabiti Show: Youtube: https://youtu.be/4i9el4ahtg8 Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/family-meeting-thabiti-anyabwile-on-his-recent-mlk/id1158923632?i=1000409208460&mt=2 Audio: http://bit.ly/2HoiWmF Baucham/Wilson show: […]

Three weeks ago, I wrote a response to Michael Gerson’s essay in The Atlantic about evangelical support of President Trump. I found it hypocritical that Gerson, a senior policy advisor to President Bush and a member of The White House Iraq Group, was lecturing evangelicals about Trump’s rhetoric when his own administration’s war caused such […]

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Andrew Peterson’s beautiful new EP, Resurrection Letters: Prologue. His new full-length album will release on Good Friday, and in advance of that, The Gospel Coalition premiered the video for Peterson’s Revelation 5-inspired song, “Is He Worthy?” Soon thereafter, Peterson found himself treading the stormy waters of woke Christianity. His […]

  Hannah, thank you for joining us at the Westminster Confession of Funk hosted by CrossPolitic. The Clouds Ye So Much Dread was such a delight to read. But it is obvious that a lot of tears and pain was required to fill this particular pen with ink. Do you find it odd to have […]

“Jeremiad.” Definition: an elaborate and prolonged lamentation; a cry of woe; and expression of righteous indignation. “Nehemiad.” Definition: an elaborate and prolonged humiliation; a cry of grief; an expression of righteous repentance. Well might we plead the case for an outpouring of Jeremiads from Reformed and Evangelical pulpits in our day. What with inhuman humanism […]

Dr. Sean Lucas and the Lost Legacy of Black Presbyterians Live on Facebook at 7pm Pacific time. Tune in now here! Don’t worry if you miss us live–you’ll still be able to download the show on your favorite podcast platform. We cannot thank our club members enough. We are truly grateful for your membership support, and […]

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