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Let’s talk about how to understand social media if you’re going to be promoting a product, business, or organization on them.

Let’s discuss how to be generous in business and use our expertise to bless others.

Check out the poem Pied Beauty from Hopkins. If you are looking for more from the Westminster Confession of Funk, check out my blog hosted by Cross Politic. Check out my books at amazon.com/author/jason_farley. And visit Jovial Press for more. Thanks for joining me and keep it funky people.

Folks, we hope you enjoy this special Midweek Fix. You want to know what makes CrossPolitic tick? What drives us? Well, our audio Worldview Shotgun album lays the groundwork that shapes our biblical framework. This framework is the foundation for how we read all things cultural and political. This is a good series to share […]

Let’s discuss how to climb the corporate ladder without being ruthless.

Special Facebook Live show tonight 7pm Pacific time. Hip hop artist Timothy Brindle is joining us. Tune in here! Don’t worry if you miss us live, you’ll still be able to download the show on your favorite podcast platform. Also, you can tune in and watch us on Direct TV Friday nights at 8:30pm Pacific time on NRBTV channel. Join […]

Let’s talk about how to take on contracts and not be intimidated by them and some things to look for in contracts.

Let’s discuss strategies for when tech disrupts your industry.

“What does the Bible say about cryptocurrency? We look at just weight and measures and determine if block chain technology is good for the kingdom!”

Let’s discuss ways to gain credibility. Bonus points if you can spot the C17 doing a touch and go over the office while recording.  

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