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Let’s discuss… meaning let me rant about the FED and how I’m sick of their games that rob our savings and our investments.

We have a special guest on the show today Chris Lim, you can find him on Twitter @meritandgrace and you can find his company Theotech at We discuss his career at Amazon, how he has learned to depend on God through his experience founding his company, and a special encouragement to the church.

Let’s discuss how to enter the promise of rest and a stress free life.

Let’s talk about what to do when you feel like you’re an impostor in your position and someone is going to find out you’re a fraud and don’t deserve your success.

Let’s discuss why data quality matters, why you should always ask questions, and present data in a clear articulate way.

YouTube Video Let’s go through a case study based on an article written by Warren Shoulberg Senior Editor of Forbes. Article: Pier 1 is sinking  These are the facts of the case: “Unfortunately, the disaster befalling the home furnishings retailer… [is] result of man-made decisions and circumstances that are increasingly making its long-term (maybe even […] Let’s discuss with my wife Kelli what it’s like to be an entrepreneur’s spouse, the emotions, the support, and her role she had to support the family and the business.

Let’s discuss with my wife her career in Commercial Property Management. We discuss what to expect in a career in property management and what trends there are in the industry for those looking for a new property for you business or company.

Let’s talk about the new USMCA/NAFTA deal Trump made with Canada and Mexico.

Let’s discuss how to not be greedy in a capitalistic society when pursuing a successful business and/or career.

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