Author: Matt Williams

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Let’s discuss how big government makes us poorer by taking money from US citizens with Corporate and Individual taxes. We also discuss the 3 ways the government obtains funds  and the impact it has on us.

Let’s discuss the philosophy, practical application, and the 3 effects of prices.

Let’s talk about this article and how Marxism is creeping into the Christian work conversation.  

We discuss one of the best ways to be productive during the work week.

Let’s discuss what an MVP is, some mistakes big businesses make when building an MVP, and a warning to small businesses with an MVP having a big business as a customer.

Let’s discuss what happened to Sears and how to take advantage of a company going out of business.

Let’s discuss what goes into creating profit and the characteristics of those elements to help you grow profits quickly. This is applicable if you’re managing a company, the P&L of a division, or the household finances.

It’s a bad day for the US budget and it’s a bad day for my hair. We have runaway spending like my runaway strand of hair in this episode.

Let’s discuss how to win the battle against social media and the battles that have come before.

Let’s discuss strategies on how to take captive your negative thoughts and get through those seasons.

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