Author: Kelli Williams

Let’s discuss strategies for when tech disrupts your industry.

Let’s discuss ways to gain credibility. Bonus points if you can spot the C17 doing a touch and go over the office while recording.  

  Update: After this show was recorded yesterday, Ferrari announced they will be rolling out a SUV, Hybrids, and some really beautiful open-cockpit cars. Let’s discuss Ferrari, not falling into the trap of trying to be someone else, the importance of remembering your brand when making decisions, and doing what’s best for your business by […]

Let’s discuss an article in CNBC and how to process and read through articles predicting doom and gloom.

Let’s talk about tradeshow marketing and how having a company on the side of your corporate career.

Let’s discuss encouragement and how you can be more encouraging at work.

Let’s talk about 3 ways to be innovative and how we there is no better time to be innovative than today. Transcript Below: Welcome to How to Build a Tent. The show’s not about tank-building, but how to make you successful. Today, we’re going to talk about advice a philosophy teacher of mine gave me […]

Let’s discuss how to prepare for the next recession with our investments, companies, and careers.

Let’s discuss the main points of the proposed house GOP tax bill and how it impacts our lives.

Let’s discuss ways to influence our cultures at work.

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