Author: Marcus Pittman

On this episode of Law and Profits we talk about the martyr John Chau and the North Sentinel Islands. We dive into David Chilton, and discuss what our proper understanding of third world nations and tribes should be.

On this episode we talk about talk about Facebook deleting nearly 1000 libertarian Facebook pages. What is the solution to this? We also talk about a woman in Chandler named Jenna Follwell who murdered her four week baby. So what we ask? She was just four months late to her planned parenthood appointment.

On this episode of Law and Profits we talk about the recent AZ debate between Martha McSally and Krysten Sinema. We discuss the importance of the Biblical instruction to let our yes mean yes, and our no mean no and how this ties into abortion and politicians.

On today’s show we talk about Trump’s comments about Dr. Ford, and dive into the closeted liberalism that we are seeing in mainstream evangelicalism!

This is a difficult episode. We talk about the importance of the criminal justice systems requirements for witnesses and what is the responsiblilty for witnesses when bringing accusations, or if they don’t, under a Biblical system of law.

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