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CrossPolitic Network presents Law and Profits by Marcus Pittman. On his first episode of Law and Profits, Marcus looks at a video from Pastor Todd Wagner of Watermark Church as he tells his congregation how unjust it is for employers to make so much more money than their employees. But what does the Bible say […]

We talk about having joy in hard circumstances because we have a great God. Matt shares a story where God taught him to think beyond his bad work situation to a higher calling.

Considering making a career change? This episode is for you! We talk about one of the major fundamental differences between a small business and a big publicly traded company.

Christian Honey and thinking about a company’s brand and your own personal brand.

Our first show based on your feedback. We dive deeper into value to discuss the importance as Christians to make sure we are providing value at our workplace and we prove that when a Government and Society reject God it becomes poorer.

CrossPolitic and Faithwire are teaming up to stream live on Facebook Sunday nights at 7pm Pacific time. Tune in here at 7pm PAC time tonight! Don’t worry if you miss us live, you’ll still be able to download the show on your favorite podcast platform. Also, you can tune in and watch us on Direct TV Friday nights at 8:30pm Pacific time […]

Why are speakers and authors like John Maxwell so popular and relevant?  If the Bible was written by the one who created people and work then the  Bible should have business application. We look at Matthew 22:36-40 to get biblical principles to make us successful in our business careers. How can we apply “Love your […]

We discuss the importance of valuing your family, why successful people tend to have multiple marriages, the vicious cycle that can happen in marriage, and using your marriage as benefit to help you become more successful.

We discuss the importance of customer service, one of the best ways to create customer loyalty, a story that happened to Matt where he became illegal and how great customer service saved him, and statistics on how  good and bad customer service impact companies.

Business level discussion on economics and why it matters to successful business men. We talk about 2Q 2018 GDP results and a key economic indicator to help predict the future health of the economy. We discuss how Tariffs impact economies, why they are bad, and how President Donald Trump is using them to renegotiate deals, […]

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