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Idaho Senator Bob Nonini has come under fire recently for nodding his head in agreement with the view that those who murder a baby in the womb should face criminal charges. CrossPolitic hosted a live show interviewing three of the Republican candidates for Lt. Governor in Idaho on Monday, April 2nd at the historic Nuart […]

In the light of various Supreme Court decisions—Roe, Obergefell, and other mutants—where they have sought to sanctify things that God has declared unholy, confused and abominable, our ongoing responsibility as Christians is to think through a biblical understanding of our relationship to the state. It is a pressing responsibility. We should already know that no […]

American Christianity has surrendered ground in areas that have supposed “little gospel application”.  But the Lordship of Christ is over every area of our lives, and this means the gospel applies to everything–including our healthcare.  Dr. Jim Brook, author of The High Price of Socialized Medicine, joins us to discuss why the free market would provide higher quality, […]

November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016

Nationally-syndicated radio host and author of A Nefarious Plot, Steve Deace, joins us to discuss why a Hillary presidency would increase persecution towards the church, and why a Trump presidency would undermine the integrity of the church. All of this should remind us that our down ballot duties are our primary duties.

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November 6, 2016

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Tired of national politics?  In this episode we discuss Idaho politics, the politics behind Obamacare getting adopted in Idaho, how to change local elections, and why the church is fundamentally the problem.  We also interviewed Russ Fulcher who is running for Governor in Idaho in 2018, and Ken De Vries, running for legislature as an Independent State Legislative District 5B,  joined us as a cohost.  This is a followup episode where we interviewed Dr. Joel McDurmon of American Vision and discussed focusing our political efforts county by county.

Our presidential election is a bust.  Hillary is everything that is wrong with American politics, and Trump is everything that is wrong with our culture.  So where do we focus our efforts?  Join us this week as we discuss this important question with the President of American Vision Dr. Joel McDurmon.

Shane Windmeyer, Executive Director of Campus Pride, joins CrossPolitic to discuss why Campus Pride publishes a shame list that includes the top 100 universities that are traditional in their values, and are against adopting modern sexual definitions of what is acceptable.  Marcus Pittman, Producer at Apologia Radio, also joins us as a cohost to discuss Wikileaks […]

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